Distance Learning Computer Programs

Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom? Google classroom is a simple way for teachers to send, grade, and keep track of assignments. Students will receive an invitation by their teacher to join a class. The teacher can then send out assignments to the entire class at once, with due dates and grading rubrics. Students will be notified by email of all new assignments posted by a teacher.    


What is Zoom?  
Zoom is a service that allows virtual meetings to be held over electronic devices. You can use video or voice, but also have to option to turn those options off. Teachers can teach lessons online, while students can participate in the comfort of their own home.  
How will you access zoom?  
1. All EKA-issued student Chromebooks will have an icon at the bottom of the screen after the students log in. Simply click the icon to start the zoom app  
2. Students can also click a link provided by a teacher to start a meeting.  
3. Zoom can also be accessed by other Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices.  
Where do students and parents find the Zoom conference information?  
1. Students and parents will click on a link from a student account. The teacher will provide information on where to find the link. Options include:  
a. Posting links in Google Classroom.  
b. Sending links via email or Parent Portal Communications.  
c. Posting links in Docs, Slides, Sheets, Google Sites, etc.  
Joining a zoom meeting  
1. After opening the program, Zoom will ask you for a Meeting ID or Meeting Room. This will be provided by the teacher. Zoom meetings can also be accessed by a link provided by the teacher.  
2. Enter your name so the teacher can identify you when speaking.  
What are some protocols that teachers may use during a Zoom conference?  
1. Muting participants upon entry.  
2. Attendees can raise an electronic hand (by clicking on the “Participants”icon at the bottom of the screen and then clicking on the “Raise Hand” icon at the bottom of the list of participants) or an actual hand so that the teacher can see the student on camera.  
3. Reminding students to unmute themselves when speaking.  
4. Allowing students to chat, but disallowing private chats and monitoring any open chat occurring during the class.  
What sorts of expectations do teachers have during Zoom conferences?  
Some likely expectations include:  
1. Students should be dressed.  
2. Students should be aware of their background.  
3. Chat should be respectful and move the conversation forward.  
4. If teachers allow virtual backgrounds, they need to be appropriate.  
5. Students can be removed from a meeting for inappropriate behavior.  
6. When a teacher ends the meeting, the meeting is finished. Students cannot stay behind without the teacher present. This is a virtual classroom.  
Testing Zoom Meetings  
1. Just click on this Zoom Test. This is not a real meeting – we promise! It’s just a really great way to see what it’s like to be a participant in a Zoom video conference. Check out the whiteboard, chat function, and other features.  
2. As an attendee, you might not have access to all the features in the test, but you can see what your student will see.  
3. Mac users: This video highlights some Zoom features. (Note: This particular video shows how to copy and paste links to access the meeting, but EKA teachers will post clickable links.)