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At Explore Knowledge Academy, students learn using a teaching style called Project-Based Learning. “Projects at EKA are different from the typical poster board that the word ‘project’ usually connotes.  A typical project at EKA consists of several pieces”, Abbe Mattson, the school administrator states.

One of these many pieces is the students research paper, written using the notes they took while researching their topic. Depending on grade level, this paper range from, just a paragraph to all the way up to a ten page paper. The student must use various resources from the Internet, or a person, or books.

Another part of each student project is creating some sort of visual. This visual has to be creative, informative, and catch both the advisor’s and fellow classmate’s attention. This visual also must be effectively integrated into the presentation.

Student working on projectAfter completing the project process the student must write a reflection answering a series of questions about what they learned from the project, what they could have done better, what they enjoyed, and other questions to help the student and advisor fully analyze the impact and effectiveness of the project.

For more information about projects at EKA, please view this more detailed overview from Administrator, Abbe Mattson.

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