Technology: Why, How, and is it safe?



In many ways, our tools define how we live.  The introduction of the printing press, mass production, and electronic communications, for example, have had profound influence on how we access and perceive the world around us.  Providing students with the best tools for learning has been a high priority of EKA since it’s beginning.

The tools modern technologies provide enable today’s students to take advantage of the best ways of learning.  Students today have entire libraries and college courses at their fingertips.  Textbooks provide age old content in new and engaging ways.  Virtual apps bring objects from around the globe to the student for their inspection.  Students find answers to their growing and immeasurable curiosity in seconds.

It has been shown that student learning is greatly improved when a student receives one on one instruction from teachers and mentors.  While providing a teacher for every student is unachievable, today’s technology brings us closer to this goal than ever before.  Not only do EKA students have a highly qualified and gifted teacher to direct their daily learning, they have access to the hundreds, even thousands, of teachers that inspire and teach from around the globe.  EKA students now have access to the best teachers and brightest minds this world can produce.

Technology brings a global knowledge into today’s classrooms, and it is again changing our world.

EKA provides modern technology to its students by issuing an internet accessible iPad to every student K-12 for their use while on campus.  As directed by a student’s advisor, educational apps are purchased and installed on student iPads to provide access to the wealth of knowledge and learning available today.  Project based learning that happens at EKA is facilitated with web-based software called Project Foundry which guides the student through the project process.  Student growth is regularly assessed through state of the art online assessment programs that let parents and advisors see student progress like never before.  Advisors use many methods of communicating learning to their students through various forms of electronic sharing, and students have access to course material anywhere they have access to the internet.
While the internet offers many, many, reliable and expert sources of learning, EKA realizes that much of the internet is not appropriate in the classroom environment.  Technology is provided as a means to focus learning and not as a source of distraction.  To help focus student activity on the appropriate aspects of the internet, EKA employs powerful internet management and monitoring appliances.  The degree of internet freedom provided is generally applied on a per grade level basis, and can be individualized per student when needed.  Student internet activity is always recorded and regularly reviewed to ensure students are receiving the best online learning experience available.