Student Expectations

EKA expects all students to meet the requirements of the 21st Century Course of Study through technology infused Project Based Learning and direct instruction in core content areas. Seniors are enrolled in a year-long 120 hour Senior Project class in which they create a capstone project that gives back to the school community, or the community at large. EKA believes that all students must be prepared for the following post-secondary opportunities: University/Four-Year College, Community/Two-Year College, Trade/Technical School or the workforce. Curriculum correlates with the Nevada State Content Standards and the Common Core State Standards as well. Technology is a focus for EKA students and an iPad or Chromebook is available to each student while on campus, K – 12 wide to increase project and research depth. All direct instruction includes an integration of content knowledge and process skills through hands-on inquiry based instruction, research and experimentation. Students at all levels K – 12 create and present projects on various content topics in order to meet standards, share their learned knowledge and embrace the feeling of community.