Senior Presentations

The Senior Project is a great opportunity for students to express their own individual leadership capabilities and to express their unique strengths and skills while giving back to the school community.

Currently, all senior level students are required to successfully complete a 120 hour Senior Project at EKA.  In doing so they become proficient in a number of important skills, such as:

·             Leadership
·             Time Management
·             Problem Solving
·             Communication Skills
·             Public Speaking
·             Research Skills

To develop these skills and to complete such a large task, the students are guided by their advisors whose main priority is to assist the students and help develop these skills for student success.   Some senior projects have included the creation of the school’s original hot lunch program, the development of community awareness events, school improvement and beautification projects, and the creation of a stage for plays and presentations to name just a few.  Each of these projects has supported the school’s mission and allowed our seniors to leave their personal mark on the school as they graduate.

2018 Senior Presentations

2017 Senior Presentations:

2016 Senior Presentations: