This is what parents and students have to say about EKA!

  • We have had our kids in this school since elementary and now secondary. Can’t say enough good things about the school, teachers, and admin staff. Great place for our kids to learn.

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • I moved my kid from a private school that was costing me a lot of money and put him in this school three years ago. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for his education. The teachers and staff have been and continue to be great.

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • Our son has attended EKA since Kindergarten. He is in fifth grade now. We love the Advisors and Staff.

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • This is our second year at EKA. My kids came home the first day raving about how much they loved their new school. Now well into our second year, they still come home every day loving it! The staff is amazing and always helpful. More importantly, my children feel safe.

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • I love EKA. My son is in his 3rd year. This school has done wonders for him. They give him the education the regular school in my neighborhood couldn’t and wouldn’t. I recommend this school to everyone. Keep up the great work EKA.

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  • This is our first year at EKA. we were recommended here by Cora, and let me start by saying how incredibly happy we are to be apart of the EKA family. I was completely skeptical of sending my kid to school at all (we were considering homeschooling) mostly because of my personal bad experience in public school, but EKA has proven to us time and time again that we made the right choice in sending Ryk to school here. we love this little close-knit school. we know the teachers and staff care so much. they all know my son by name and that makes me feel like everyone is looking out for him. My son is only in kinder so we only know a few kinder teachers and the elementary front office but I can say Mrs. Ordinola, Mr.Semel, Ms, Kelly, George, and Stephanie all 100% have his best interests at heart, I know they want him safe and to succeed. I know if this has been my experience with this small group of staff then I know that this will be our experience moving forward through the grades. We are also so pleased with his education and the way they teach the children. I couldn’t imagine Ryk at any other school. we are so happy and proud to be apart of EKA! we highly recommend this school and I always refer my friends, family, clients, and even strangers to send their kids to EKA too!!!

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • My oldest has been at EKA since kinder she is now in 6th. I know the staff and teachers love and care for these kids as their own. Each situation that comes up they are caring, loving, and compassionate. Even with the latest challenges, I know both of my girls are safe! Thank you all for taking my place in a school environment.

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • I personally went to EKA during my high school years and now my daughter goes to EKA. She had a great experience in kindergarten and now 1st grade. We really love EKA and the staff. I have never met anyone who wasn’t absolutely wonderful. I know my kid is getting a great education and can’t imagine going anywhere else!

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • My daughter has been a member of the EKA family for two years now going on 3 😄 and we just could not be any happier. The curriculum is great, Reports keep us close to her activities, The teachers are very caring and communicative. Very fast to respond by the way 😀 we are very fortunate to be part of EKA ❤️

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • Both my children have attended this school since kinder (now in 6th and 4th grades). They have thrived in this school. I have seen kids come in from zoned CCSD schools and cannot keep up so I’m glad my kids learned the academic and emotional pace from the get go. This school challenges and supports both my children as individuals, at their level. Meets them where they are at, and pushes them to go further! Nearly every teacher we have had (and they start moving classes to different teachers in 1st grade so there are quite a few) have been respectful and communicative.
    Nevada might not be leading the way in education but with options of “School Choice” is the one thing I think we do right. Not all kids will fit in here, neither will all parents. Which is why I love school choice. I don’t think my kids would fit in at any school they tried either. But they fit at EKA!

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • 4 of my 5 children attend EKA and we have nothing but great things to say. Our interactions have been positive from day 1. My children have a variety of abilities and my high achievers and struggling learner have absolutely thrived at this school. We love the personal way they cater their education to each students abilities, more than that, I love the way my kids feel safe. Thank you EKA staff! From the teachers aides to the amazing teachers, front desk (we love you Jorge and Stephanie) to the Principal, we know each of you have our students best interest at heart.

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • I moved my kid from a private school that was costing me a lot of money and put him in this school three years ago. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for his education. The teachers and staff have been and continue to be great.

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • Have had our kids in this school since elementary and now secondary. Can’t say enough good things about the school, teachers and admin staff. Great place for our kids to learn.

    a parent, Facebook Review
  • Doing projects at EKA has taught me to take my education into my own hands and instilled in me the desire to learn. Now as a senior, I am using all the skills I have learned from projects and building on them in my 120-hour capstone senior project. As graduation approaches, I feel ever more prepared for life after high school with a variety of life skills in my toolbag. The teachers/administration, education, friends, school community and opportunities that EKA provides one could not get from any other school – it is as invaluable and unique as the community of teachers and students that make up this extraordinary school community that is Explore Knowledge Academy.

    Jeanine D., EKA student
  • The first thing that came to my mind was that all the kids would be smart rich kids, and they are all going to make fun of me. I was wrong. All the kids treated each other with equality, no bullying, no fights, no violence. I was amazed, kids came up to me starting conversations with me. I felt different, I felt real, true friendship.

    John P., EKA student
  • I feel like EKA is a place where everyone, even (and especially) people with special needs, is accepted. What I am mostly proud of about EKA, though, is that the school is like a community. I feel like EKA truly brings people together. There is amity between students and other students, staff and other staff, teachers and other teachers.

    Celeste T., EKA student
  • At EKA every teacher is sweet and cares for their students. They’re always checking up on the students asking if they’re okay and understand what they are learning. I believe that every teacher should be that way.

    Katherine V., EKA student
  • One thing that I like is that this school has helped me progress and grow as a person and in my grades. This school has changed my perspective of things.

    Jo’el T., EKA student
  • The best thing about EKA, however, are the other people that go here. Whenever I need help in class I can always ask the person next to me without anxiety or that feeling of judgement many other kids expect.

    Athena M., EKA student
  • I liked the enthusiasm of the staff, the project based learning, and the strong presence of technology. Another good aspect of EKA is that we are preparing for life, not just tests.

    Carson R., EKA student
  • All I can think back to is the interview where the principal asked me, “What are you expecting out of this school?” My answer was kindness and you know what I got it. EKA, Explore Knowledge Academy, a charter school, my charter school.

    KendallReese B., EKA student
  • Amazing school. My daughter loves it. Child centered, project-based learning. Absolutely nothing like regular public (or private)school. When you go inside the fact that the kids want to be there, are enjoying school, is so apparent. The teachers are dedicated. Excellent school for a child who doesn’t fit well in a large school environment.

  • This is Las Vegas’ best kept secret. I was looking for an alternative education that would foster my child’s creativity, thirst for knowledge and meet my high standards. I teach at the university level and I know the skills students need to have. This school provides them. The teachers are excellent and care deeply about the kids. I can’t say enough positive things.

  • I have two children at EKA and both are doing great! The teachers are caring and interested in my children and they help them to be better people in general. My children love that they can pick their own subjects to learn and look forward to going to school every day. I could not ask for more!

  • My grandson attends this school. The teachers and staff there are personable, dedicated and caring. It seems all participants at the school educate in one way or another and everyone there is like extended family. This schol recognized my grandson’s strengths and weaknesses and found the means to contend with both strengthening his weakness and helping him to excel with his strengths. He will never go back to conventional schools again, not as long as we live in Las Vegas.

  • Great school! Terrific teachers and vision!

  • Best school I’ve ever been to. Hard and challenging! My mom loves it too!

  • EKA gets better each year, thanks to a dedicated staff that works well together, and the parents who volunteer so much time. The kids are so awesome; kind, tolerant, friendly, and proud of their school.

  • I am a very happy parent with 2 children who attend EKA. Both children have been attending for the last 4 years and continue to get the best possible education offered. Watching your children grow in an environment where the advisors treat your children like one of their own is as good as it gets. I have had nothing but positive outcomes in every situation with EKA. I would recommend to anyone to enroll their child.

  • This school is by far the best school in Las Vegas. I’m very impressed by the education quality this school offers.

  • My child has been going to this school for about three months now. We find it to be wonderful! His teachers are all caring, compassionate and professional. It’s a tuition-free school with a private school feel because of the quality education and attention that the students receive. Minus the snootiness that can sometimes be associated with private school, of course. Students read in class and are encouraged to read at home as well. It seems that field trips are a bit more frequent for EKA students than at public school. My 8-year-old son and I are both so happy that we made the decision to take him out of the public school that he was zoned for and have him attend here. I have noticed a positive change in his attitude about school and his self-confidence. He is enthusiastic about going to school again. For that, I can’t thank the teachers and staff of EKA enough.

  • We LOVE this school. My son does great, and it is really building on his weaknesses. I definitely understand this school is not for every child. Nor should it be. I know that my family has had nothing but GREAT experiences from teachers, staff, and the curriculum!!

  • My daughter is starting her 3rd year at EKA, and i have to say i am very happy with the school. They are warm and friendly and i feel the education is very good. Kids here are doing things most young children don’t see until high school. As of now we plan on her doing all her education here.

  • My son LOVES this school and I am actually shocked at some of the reviews here. My son just finished his 1st grade here and I am impressed with the knowledge he has learned and eagerly shares with us daily. I like that I can email his Advisor (homeroom teacher) and get a response within a day if not the same day. I think its great that the kids switch classes for different subjects. They test the kids at the beginning of the year and divide the kids by skill level for reading and math. This is beneficial to the kids compared to teaching at one pace for all kids in these subjects as some may be more advanced and/or learns faster than others. My son has become more confident researching, building a project and presenting even more than my middle school daughter. They also have taken field trips to the Planetarium, Museum and more. My only complaint is the valet when having to pick up my son each day. It can be quite a long wait. It was definitely more than I expected and I’m glad he attended EK Academy.

  • I was always concerned before that my children were not being challenged in school. Explore Knowledge Academy is exactly what my children needed to thrive. I am so thankful to the teachers and administration for offering such a great and safe place for my children to learn.

  • I like to talk about how happy we are with the school to other people when they are looking for alternatives. One set of parents loved it after they took the tour in the spring but they tell me they are waited listed. They are really disappointed. Another mom just texted me yesterday and wanted more information on the school, but I am afraid to keep talking about how great the school is if everyone I tell gets waitlisted.

  • Hi. I’m a senior at EKA. This is my tenth year being at this school and I believe that [it] is the best school around. I have been given a great education and believe that this school had made it so I am ready for the real world. The teachers in this school have always cared about me and my fellow students and are always trying to help us in anyway that they can. Yes this school is harder then most and yes it’s not for everyone. But you learn so much more through this teaching model and it prepares you for life in the outside world. I hope this review will be helpful to parents looking into the school I have spent most of my academic career at.

  • EKA first grade teachers are the best. I have been helping out a lot and have seen them day after day on how they deal/work with the kids…you can really see they love what they do and love their (our) kids. Even when at times these kids would’ve given you a headache these teachers were always patient. They are always in constant communication with each other and definitely works as a team. I love being in their company and helping them (can’t wait to help out next year).

  • Both of my children attend the school. We commute from Summerlin and I have yet to find a reason not to. After navigating the private, public, and homeschool options in education here in Las Vegas we finally found the perfect fit for our family. I feel as though my children are getting an excellent education comparable to that at a private school. I have found the teachers and the administration to be accommodating. I love that the school offers iPads for every student, small class sizes, healthy lunch options and having an advisory class every day is a great mentorship program for both the older and younger children. Having a four day school week works well for my family. My children use Mondays to catch up on any school work, work on projects, read, volunteer-and hopefully in high school be able to work part time. I think this is an excellent college preparatory school.

  • I just want to say that both my kiddos had amazing teachers this year! […] we are all excited to see what next year holds. Great year EKA!

  • This is my daughter’s 5th year attending this school. It has been wonderful for her! It is so much better than the regular public school my daughter attended!!! Overall, the teachers have always been excellent at responding to our emails, voice messages and concerns promptly. In all the years at the school, I have a only had a serious communication issue with one teacher and when discussed with the principal it was handled promptly. The projects can at times be a lot of work but it is worth it. We have learned that it is all about using the time wisely and having her start on her project right away and work on it weekly so it is not a rush just before it is due. We have seen our daughter grow so much through the experience and she is much more confident when speaking in front of people! We also love that every weekend is a 3 day weekend! She loves her school and so do we!

  • Thanks to all of you that make all this great extra stuff happen for the kids. We consider ourselves very lucky to be a part of this great school!

  • This is a public charter school. EKA is a great option to CCSD. iPads are great, technology is wonderful, but my favorite part of this elementary school is the “pods.”. They put four classes together in one large area. The kids have an advisor (homeroom teacher) and then they break out into groups depending on their reading & math level. For my son, this is what he needed. In a regular classroom, the teacher will divide out the children based on reading levels, and then work with each group one at a time. This leaves 3/4 of the classroom working on their own. At EKA, there is no time that the kids are not learning.

  • Wow! How did you all get Merald Bubba Knight to talk to the 2/3? My son loved hearing him talk and hearing his music. Very cool!

  • I have been going to this school for seven years. I have always loved this school. The teachers are great. The only problem that I have ever had was was when I was in third grade. This was when the school just started out. Ever since then the school has improved. The ipads that I use on a day to day basis actually have helped me broaden the way that I learn. I am also very pleased with the teachers that are there. I am able to have a very closr relationship with them because it is such a small school.

  • The teachers at EKA work hard to make sure each student finds academic success. They have pushed my kids to see their own potential and they have impressed me.

  • My son started Kindergarten at EKA last fall. I had been researching schools since he was a toddler. We asked parents, visited schools, went to many orientations and researched online. We felt EKA was the best fit for our family. I love that they are project based and mix technology (every student has an iPad) with traditional (and nontraditional) learning. I also like that they have longer school days and 4 day week (off Mondays). The teachers and staff have been great. My son has an IEP for speech. I mention this because of one of the negative reviews below. I have not had any issues or problems with his services. Also want to note they do have a separate resources room with specialized teachers as Heather A mentioned. Drop off and pick up can take a little getting used to (they have a valet system) but once you get the hang of it, it is not a big deal. I am so happy with our choice and looking forward to enrolling my twin girls in a few years.

  • I would like to say a huge “Thank You” to the PTSA and EKA for making tonight’s Spring Fling amazing! The kids had a great time and so did I. I look forward to more great future events. You guys rock!

  • I really want to thank all of the staff members and teachers for really helping me throughout the many years I’ve been here. Without all of our I would never have become the person I am today

  • My daughter has gone here for Kindergarten & 1st grade. So far we are both happy with the facilities and the teachers. I really like the experience my daughter gets presenting the numerous projects each year, and for us, the 4 day weeks work out well.

    The drop off & pick up valet does take a little getting used to, and is a bit of a pain at the beginning of each school year with everyone learning the routine, but after a week or so it’s pretty smooth sailing and I like having my kid taken out & put in my car with no far walk to her classroom.

    Its nice to go into the office and have the staff know my daughter by name because it is a small school. One downside though, is that there are no art/music/PE teachers. Those are all taught within their core class.

    My daughter loves her school!

  • Thank you to all of the teachers and staff for a great first week of school! Your hard work is appreciated!

  • My child was bullied and handed worksheet after worksheet in his CCSD school and I knew he needed something more for his middle school years so we tried EKA last year. The staff is so friendly and really pushed my son to a higher standard. The kids all get along well and they place an emphasis on community building and small classes of 20 or less is the norm. It’s not a perfect fit for everyone but we love it and look forward to trying the EKA high school program.

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you & EKA for a wonderful first year! My son has progressed so much it’s amazing!

    Last year I decided to pull him from regular public school because I had zero ability to communicate with his teachers and no way to monitor his progress. This year I kept regular contact with both Brian Williams & Eric Stauth via email and they both were prompt, courteous & helpful in their replies!

    Thank you so much for the program you offer children. Finally, I feel like my son has a chance at a proper education =). The campus portal is a great tool for parents to monitor their children’s progress too!

    I love love love EKA!!!

    Angela Brill-Stanley
  • My name is Rayna Kokich. My son Julian Martinez Kokich is in Ms. Akai’s advisory. I wanted to send you a message to let you know how wonderful I thought the yearbooks were. I am sure a lot of effort went into making them as amazing and impressive as they are! They are almost as amazing as the great job you all do directing traffic in mornings and afternoons. I am still impressed with each day. I just wanted to say thank you and say that we appreciate all the hard work that goes into directing traffic and making the wonderful lively yearbooks.

    We are very proud to be an EKA family.

    Thanks for having us

    Rayna Kokich
  • Both of my daughters attend EKA and they love their school. It is a lot of work at first but they have gotten used to it and have grown to love it. One of my daughters plays basketball and the other is in the dance after school program. I highly recommend this school.

  • My daughter has been attending this school for 6 years. She has never and will never attend another school. My son will start kindergarten here next year. Though I am disappointed that so many of the teachers I was used to left, I still feel this is an amazing school. My children would be lost in a regular school. When they raised the attendance cap from 500 to 700 it was expected that class sizes would get larger but because of the school’s learning system the children still get a individual learning platform. One of my favorite teachers is mrs. Snyder she is an absolute god send for me and my daughter.