Middle School Golf Team Tryouts


Explore Knowledge Academy is in its fourth year of offering middle school golf to students in grades 6-8.  We have tried to grow our program each year by offering the First Tee program in the spring.  Due to the response of students (from both boys and girls) this year, EKA will have to hold tryouts because we are limited on the number of players we can enter for most tournaments.  Most of our middle school tournaments allow us 7-10 players total that can enter (that is both boys and girls/6th-8th grade).  One or two tournaments do let us bring a few extra players just to get them some experience.  For this reason, our team can carry no more than 10 players maximum.  The bottom two players as far as skill level will get tournament experience and be part of the team. However, they will not be able to play in all tournaments.  Once the team is chosen, we will send out a letter that details the schedule of tournaments and more information for parents regarding the team.

The tryouts will be held at Wildhorse Golf Club in Henderson.  It is located on Warm Springs between Green Valley Parkway and Valle Verde.  The tryout is on Thursday, March 21, 2013, from 4:00pm-5:00pm. Students will need to bring $5.00 for range balls (we will try to get them a discount and could possibly be less than that price).  The students will be hitting golf balls at the range, chipping and putting.  The students will need to have their own clubs to use for the tryouts and if they make the team, they cannot share clubs with another student (league rule-disqualification).  Again, I will give more information about the schedule/cost of tournaments/proper dress once the team has been chosen.  We generally practice once a week after school as well as play a tournament a week in April and May (we also host a our own tournament which we will need parent volunteer help for, I will give more information later on this).

Proper behavior and good (passing) grades are expected at school.  Eligibility will be checked by the coach.  If a student is not passing academically, they may tryout for the team, but may not play in any matches until they are passing all classes.  I will also check with the advisors about student behavior.  Middle school golf is an extra curricular activity that represents our school, good behavior both on and off the course is expected.

If you have any questions please call the Mountain Vista Campus at (702) 870-5032 and ask to speak with Mr. Keyer.


Mr. Keyer  (EKA Middle School Golf Coach)