From the Superintendent

Thank you for this opportunity to share Explore Knowledge Academy (EKA), where we personalize education while challenging minds.   I am proud of our accomplishments and know that our school provides quality student education in Nevada.

Charter Schools are meant to be unique and different; EKA has taken this to its greatest extent.  As the third oldest charter school in Nevada, EKA has been a driver of charter school excellence in Nevada since 2004.

As a public school, we enroll students from all over the Las Vegas Valley and our ethnic and social strata demographics are as diverse as the valley itself. We are looking for students that can multi-task, communicate well, use technology efficiently, organize and schedule their time, are adept at problem solving, and that can work as a team.  We believe that students that have these abilities will be our future leaders in the community and will be sought out by employers everywhere.

In addition, the introduction of iPads and Chromebooks to the school enables our students to have a one to one, technology to student ratio so all students have technology in their hands while on campus.  Access to the Internet at the touch of a finger allows EKA’s students to investigate the world without limitations. The Common Core and Nevada State Standards guide our curriculum, but we customize our student’s learning experiences based on their academic and grade level needs.

Our campus is over 59,000 square feet in our three buildings, so we are able to provide the physical infrastructure needed for our educational programs.  Being a K – 12 campus allows students at all grade levels to come together for assemblies and meetings.  Older students can be seen reading and mentoring younger students on any given day at the school.  Campus wide projects are ongoing and being supported by teachers at all grade levels.

EKA charter school has built a strong foundation for student success, through a K-12 united campus and state of the art technology. I hope that you are as excited as I am to see what the future holds for us.

Superintendent of Schools

About the Superintendent:

Ms. Mattson, is Explore Knowledge Academy’s Superintendent of Schools. She has been with EKA as a teacher and an administrator since its second year of operation. Ms. Mattson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, with a mathematics minor, a PD degree in Secondary Education and a Masters degree in Educational Administration. Formerly a scientist and a business owner, Ms. Mattson’s unique skill and education set give her the ability to manage the many differing aspects of the school. Currently, she teaches physical science classes (Chemistry and Physics) to the high school students while managing the day to day operations of the K -12 campus. She is passionate about EKA’s ability to provide excellence in education, Ms. Mattson’s two daughters are graduates of EKA.