Fast Facts

EKA Facilities

Mission & Vision:

“Personalizing Education – Challenging Minds”

We achieve this through instilling in our community:

  • Kindness, tolerance, and respect amongst all learners.
  • Certainty that honoring the individual means honoring diversity.
  • Conviction that a democratic community is the basis of individual excellence.
  • An ethic of school & community stewardship exemplified by the servant leader.

Public Charter Schools Are:

  • Public schools that utilize a range innovative strategies & programs to drive instruction & learning.
  • Exempt from some regulations in exchange for greater accountability.
  • Funded directly from the State Department of Education and are sponsored by the state or school district. Explore Knowledge Academy is sponsored by Clark County School District.

The Academy Community:

  • Serves students in grades Kindergarten to year 12, including Special Education services.
  • Many families have students in both the elementary and the secondary programs.

EKA Students

A Four Day Work Week:

  • Students attend school Tuesday through Friday, with each day counting for 1 1/3 days.
  • Elementary Hours: Grades K-5: 7:45am to 3pm;
    Elementary drop off begins at 7:20am. Students must be picked up by 3:20pm
  • Secondary Hours: Grades 6-12: 7:55am to 3:40pm.
  • Students use Mondays for research, working on projects, visiting places of interest in the community (art galleries & the cultural district).
  • Participating in leadership, service learning, community service & extra-curricular activities.
  • Staff members use Mondays for collaborative planning and professional development activities.


  • Charter schools are publicly funded so there is no tuition.
  • Fees may be collected for planners, field trips, library fines, textbook replacement for lost books, special activities, & class projects where students keep the finished projects
  • Parents are also asked to volunteer for a range of activities and programs during the school year.
  • Families are expected to participate in school fund-raisers.


Multi-age classes:

  • All students, with the exception of Kindergarten and first grade, are assigned to multi-age advisories which creates a family like environment at Explore Knowledge Academy.
  • For instruction in reading and mathematics, students are grouped by their developmental levels rather than grade level.
  • Students are encouraged to work at the highest level of their abilities and interests.


  • As mandated by state law, a student entering Kindergarten must be 5 years old by September 30th. There is no testing for early admission and no exceptions are able to be made.
  • Anyone interested in enrolling their child or children at Explore Knowledge Academy may submit a registration form available in any of our office locations.
  • For more information on the enrollment process, please consult the enrollment section.

General Information:

  • All students attend 1.3 days of school Tuesday through Friday in order to meet the minimum number of minutes required by state law.
  • Parents must provide their own transportation to and from school.
  • Explore Knowledge Academy does not provide lunch. Students must bring their lunch.
  • Explore Knowledge Academy offers Safekey through Clark County Parks and Rec after school only. In addition, Boys and Girls Club, Kids R Kids, Tinker Town, and others are offering reduced fee programs for Explore Knowledge Academy parents.

Millennium scholarships:

  • Students who meet the eligibility requirements for the millennium scholarship are eligible through Explore Knowledge Academy
  • Our school counselor will also be working with students to ensure they are aware of other scholarship opportunities.