We have been invited to be part of a new fundraising opportunity for our school. Fanorama creates customized sportswear and sports memorabilia. The online purchase program is new and they would like our feedback on how well we like the internet site. This is a Beta site so expect that it will have difficulties. Please feel free to email them directly at when these issues occur.

    Be aware that at this time, the site is very slow and if you enter a player, you will not be able to modify them. Fanorama knows about these issues and is working on these as well as others. They welcome our ideas and input to improve the quality of their products. For us, it is a chance to be on the ground floor of a new and exciting venture. Thank you for your cooperation and support of not only the EKA Foundation but Fanorama as well.

Explore Knowledge Academy spirit wear now available on Fanorama!

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–15% of all sales go directly back to Explore Knowledge Foundation.

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