In 2012, EKA united three small, separate campuses into one state of the art, centralized facility.  With three buildings containing over 60,000 square feet of educationally focused space, the latest in engineering and architectural design provides EKA students with the required infrastructure needed for academic and personal success.  iPad’s, Chromebooks, Macbook Pro’s, Apple TV’s and projection devices are now a part of the technology package available to advisors and students for presentations of learning, an integral part of the PBL process.  Features of the buildings include presentation rooms and moveable walls to meet the ever changing needs of the school.  New playground areas, athletics courts, and a grass field area are other welcome additions to the school’s new facility.  In the near future, the school hopes that funding will be available in order to complete other phases of this transition, including the completion of a campus library, science laboratory, full service theatre, and the ability to provide Smart Boards for use in every classroom.