Grades K-5 Tour

EKA’s elementary school is a full service elementary serving grades K through 5.  All grades K through 5 complete projects throughout the year in addition to the more traditional learning in math and English language arts.  EKA follows a 4 day work week (Tu – Fri).  Mondays are expected to be used as home learning days.  Students in the elementary program are provided nutrition/snack and recess breaks between classes, in addition to a lunch/recess period every day.

Kindergarten Advisories

EKA’s kindergarten program offers full-day classes.  Kindergartners usually complete 4 or 5 projects during the year.  Kindergarten advisories have their own classrooms including restroom facilities.

Click this link to view a Kindergarten classroom

1st Grade Advisories

1st grade advisories also have their own classrooms. 1st grade students take assessments early in the year to help place them in the most appropriate math and reading classes.  This means 1st grade students may have different advisors for reading and math than their home advisor.  This provides variety to a student’s day and allows students to visit 2 or 3 advisors and work with different students.  Because technology is integrated with student learning, 1st graders use touch-screen Chromebooks to help them transition from touch screens to keyboard typing.  1st Grade students complete a project every 4 or 5 weeks, and projects are primarily completed at home.

Click this link to view a 1st Grade classroom

2nd – 5th Grade Advisories

2/3 advisories and 4/5 advisories are located in large rooms of 3 or 4 advisories instead of individual classrooms.  Each advisory is separated by portable walls.  2nd and 3rd grade advisories and pods are separate from 4th and 5th grade advisories and pods.  Similar to 1st grade, 2nd – 5th grade students are assessed early and placed in groups of students appropriate to their level of learning.  2nd through 5th grade students may switch advisories for reading and Math, and also carry their Chromebooks with them through out the day.  2nd through 5th grade students complete a project about every 4 to 5 weeks.  2nd and 3rd grade students primarily complete their projects at home.  4th and 5th grade classes are additionally given dedicated time during the day to work on projects.  4th and 5th grade projects are expected to be more detailed and show higher levels of learning.

Click this link to view a 2nd – 5th Grade classroom