EKA Profiled on teacherpowered.org as a Teacher-Powered School

Teachered Powered Schools, an organization advocating teacher-run schools, recently mentioned EKA on Twitter.  EKA supports and encourages teacher autonomy.  From its beginnings in 2003, EKA has given significant autonomy to its advisors.  Through various meetings and committees, advisors have input and decisions-making responsibilities over most of the organization and management of EKA.  All of EKA’s formal administrators were first advisors at EKA for many years before stepping up to fill, often reluctantly because of their passion for teaching, the admin positions that EKA is required to maintain.  While being part of the decision making team can be frustrating and trying for an EKA advisor, it also brings out the passion that EKA’s advisors have for seeing education happen the right way.

For more information on areas of autonomy held by EKA advisors, visit the Teacher Powered Schools website.