EKA Hot Lunch Program

Welcome Back to School. Don’t forget to sign your student up for the new hot lunch program. Restaurant quality meals (drink and dessert included) are prepared daily and delivered to EKA for $3.75. Click the links below to view menus and place orders.

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Lunch Information

Is the food program the same as the Clark County School District?

No, just like the students at Explore Knowledge enjoy better educational opportunities, they also enjoy better quality food. EKA has partnered with Healthy Kids LV to provide restaurant quality meals catered fresh daily to our schools. The meals are prepared in their main kitchen and then catered into our lunch rooms. These meals are never frozen and our students enjoy lots of healthy home-cooked options.

How much do the meals cost?

EKA has negotiated a special rate of $3.75 per student for the lower school and $4.25 for the secondary school. This price includes bottled water. Payment is required prior to service. No exceptions. Healthy Kids is a private company and is unable to provide free or reduced meals.

How do we pay for the lunches?

Lunches may ONLY be purchased via website at www.HealthyKidsLV.com up to 48 hours in advance. We cannot accept cash or check in the school office. If you were unable to place your lunch order in time, please make sure you send a lunch from home.

What if my child has allergies or medical issues?

Healthy Kids LV provides nut and shellfish free food. Students with any other allergies or medical conditions are asked to bring their lunches.

If I have multiple children attending the school, can I combine their lunch orders?

Unfortunately, our system requires you to purchase/ check out separately for each child. Thank you for your understanding.

If I order Online, why can’t I cancel my lunch?

Healthy Kids orders their food fresh based on your request for meals. Thank you for your cooperation.

Why am I getting an Error Code when trying to order meals?

Please ensure that under your student’s profile- not only is the proper grade selected- but the school field must be populated with either EKA K-3 or EKA 4-12. If this is not done, you will receive and error message.

What if I forgot to order lunch?

Please make sure you send a meal from home any day that you did not order a meal.

Can I check my order history online?

Yes, it is recommended that you print out your order history for future reference. If not, you can access it anytime by logging into your account and clicking on the Order History tab. This will display all purchases made. If you click again on the red plus sign next to each purchase- you can view the exact days lunch was ordered.

ATTENTION PARENTS: Payment is due at time of service. No exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation.