EKA is a project based school which means that the students learn through hands on, self directed research.  The Common Core Standards and Nevada State Standards guide the curriculum, but it is the student’s interests and curiosity that determine the method and the type of project they create to show that they have met those standards.  Because students drive the curriculum, teachers are called advisors, as they truly advise, and support student learning.  Classrooms are in turn referred to as advisories and instead of rows of desks facing a board, advisories are fluid, adapting to the needs of the students at the time.  Advisories are also multi-grade except for Kindergarten and 1st grade.  This enables advisors to instruct and support students at their educational level rather than at a specific grade level.  The moveable walls in the pods, or multi-advisory areas, allow for team teaching and group work.  At the secondary level, some advisories span grades 6 – 12 for a collaborative dynamic that engages students and allows them to reach their own unique educational potential.