2018-2019 Yearbooks



Pre-orders for the 2018-19 yearbooks are being accepted!

You can order your yearbook at:  https://create.blossom-books.com/CommunityOrder.aspx

Please note: elementary and secondary yearbooks are separate books. Either search for Explore Knowledge Academy, or use the following codes to order your yearbooks:

  • Elementary Softcover: Use code 92489159
  • Elementary Hardcover: Use code 90B8050
  • Secondary Softcover: Use code 93B8160
  • Secondary Hardcover: Use code 9CC8049

    Prices until Jan. 15

  • Hardcover – $35
  • Softcover – $30

Note: Follow the directions found on the yearbook website closely. All yearbooks will be shipped directly to the school. Prices will increase January 15th.

Parent and Guardian Satisfaction Survey

Dear EKA Families,

It is time for our annual Family Satisfaction Survey. At EKA we are committed to an ongoing improvement process. We would appreciate your feedback on topics which we continually strive to improve. All submissions are anonymous. Links to the survey can be found on our website through the following link: http://www.ekacademy.org/2017-eka-parent-survey/. The password to access the survey was sent to EKA families by email. Please do not share this password with anyone that does not currently have an enrolled student(s) at the school. Contact the front office if you have any difficulty accessing the link. All surveys need to be completed by March 31st. Thank you for your participation.

Protected: 2017 EKA Parent Survey (check your email for the password)

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