Be Kind Program

image293We are proud to announce that EKA has partnered with the Josh Stevens Foundation and their “Be Kind” program!

What this means: EKA is promoting Kindness by Exploring Kind Acts!

T-shirts: Be Kind t-shirts have been ordered and are available for purchase at each campus for $10 each in support of the foundation. Each Friday, all staff will wear our “Be Kind” t-shirts. We ask that students join us in promoting Fridays as “Be Kind Day!” by wearing their own Be Kind t-shirts.

Kindness Cards: As part of the program, students are encouraged to look for ways to Be Kind. When students are “CAUGHT” being kind, they will be rewarded with a Kindness Card. The card includes a poem about the significance of their kind act, Josh’s inspirational story, a silicone shoelace charm and shoelace as well as a gift card donated by a child friendly business/sponsor.Their picture will be taken & with permission, turned into the Josh Stevens Foundation.

Other Ways: EKA will be looking for ways to promote Being Kind all around. We are looking at doing various projects by students, advisories, campuses and the school as a whole.

Parents: You can help by asking your children about the new “Be Kind” wave that is spreading around our school!