Annual EKA Board of Trustees Election

group4_meeting_light_256It is time for our annual EKA Board of Trustees election.  We would appreciate your help in recruiting candidates for our Board of Trustees.  It is acknowledged that membership on the board is voluntary and at no time will it be considered a paid position.  Board members may be parents of EKA students; however, it is not a requirement.

Board members’ terms are for two years and the terms are staggered so that four members are elected in one year and three the next year.  Per AB 171, the board must have the following make up:

a) Licensed teacher or other person licensed pursuant to chapter 391 of NRS or who previously held such a license and is retired, as long as his or her license was held in good standing.

b) Licensed teacher or a school administrator with a license issued by another state or who previously held such a license and is retired, as long as his or her license was held in good standing.

c) Parent or legal guardian who is not a teacher or employee of the school.

d) Two members who possess knowledge and expertise in one or more of the following areas:  (1) Accounting; (2) Financial services; (3) Law; or (4) Human resources.

There will be three openings on our Board this year. These openings must be filled with someone that has knowledge or expertise in the area of accounting, financial services, law or human resources, and/or a parent.  A board member cannot be an employee of the school, a member of an employee’s immediate family, or a member of a current board member’s immediate family.

The responsibilities of board members are:

  • to work collaboratively with the other board members and the administration to implement the vision, mission, and goals of EKA as specified in our strategic plan,
  • to maintain compliance with our charter agreement with CCSD
  • to keep informed of charter school laws,
  • to keep informed of EKA board business,
  • to attend the meetings of the board, and
  • to attend the annual retreat and other board training events as scheduled by the board and administration of EKA.

The guidelines for the election of new board members are as follows:

New board members will be elected by the parents of the students enrolled in the charter school and the staff. Elections will be by written ballot each spring, as terms of service are completed.  Each family unit and each full time staff member will have one vote for each board position. Persons that serve in more than one capacity will have only one vote, i.e., a teacher whose children attend the school. New members assume office at the (June) board meeting each year. 

Interested persons should download and submit the below application and a brief resume to the Business Office by 12:00 pm on May 2nd, by one of the following methods:   Fax to 702 547-9069, email to  or deliver to 5871 Mountain Vista Street, Las Vegas, Nevada  89120.

Thank you for your help.

Steve Keener, Board President, on behalf of Explore Knowledge Academy Board of Trustees

pdf_icon Download the EKA Board of Trustees Application