2018-2019 Yearbooks



Pre-orders for the 2018-19 yearbooks are being accepted!

You can order your yearbook at:  https://create.blossom-books.com/CommunityOrder.aspx

Please note: elementary and secondary yearbooks are separate books. Either search for Explore Knowledge Academy, or use the following codes to order your yearbooks:

  • Elementary Softcover: Use code 92489159
  • Elementary Hardcover: Use code 90B8050
  • Secondary Softcover: Use code 93B8160
  • Secondary Hardcover: Use code 9CC8049

    Prices until Jan. 15

  • Hardcover – $35
  • Softcover – $30

Note: Follow the directions found on the yearbook website closely. All yearbooks will be shipped directly to the school. Prices will increase January 15th.